Sattar&Co. represents a well-known engineering company in a dispute against a Government-owned power distribution company

Sattar&Co. advised and represented a well-known engineering company as part of a leading conglomerate in Bangladesh in a dispute against a Government-owned power distribution company. The dispute surrounded a supply agreement between the parties and the invocation of the force majeure clause for the non-performance of the contract owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team filed a writ petition on behalf of the company and was able to successfully obtain an order to maintain status quo with regards to the encashment of the bank guarantee until disposal of the dispute through arbitration.

Our team subsequently represented the company in a commercial arbitration against the said Government-owned power distribution company whereby the arbitral tribunal accepted the claim and the company was successfully released from all liabilities.

Following the arbitration, the Government-owned power distribution company later filed an arbitration application to set aside the arbitral award. Sattar&Co. is set to appear at the hearing to have the application dismissed.